Monday, December 28, 2009

Amy C. Is Amy D.

October 17, 2009 was a beautiful day... Amy & Evan tie the knot
Instant family with Evan's son William

The kids were adorable
The Groom embarassed

might as well Jump

The big bubble send off... Love you Amy C or D you are my First Amy

More Beer

Our Parties are always a win for everyone. We all have fun and usually end up with more beer than we started..

Amy T. big winner

Holiday Party was a small group but a fun one.

James, Catherine & Maggie

Amy T. gets the Nerf gun pen in the white elephant, what a hit it was. Cody got shot

Cary & Esther get marble candle sticks for Cary's new apartment

TJ gets a shirt that a few sizes too small

Amy T. & Michelle

Some guest came color coordinated with the tree

and it wouldn't be a party without a lot of toasting and shots..

Alisha's first really big win..

ahhh my little Bro. Mica & Justin with the fabulous tree

The grandparents and my Mother

Our Christmas House Photo

Harry loves the decorations

And the big sleep over... Callie is ready for the fun to begin

Callie, myself and Cassie paint ornaments

We decorated make shift ginger bread houses too. it was amazing the girls ate the candy and the boys were really into decorating

The new game "Hide and Pic" was invented. you must capture a photo for the person after you find them.

Terran loved hiding in the patio cushions we had piled in the Laundry room. Lucky for Justin it was such a big hit I was mad they were not put away. I'm mad now because they are still not put away!

After a fun night of games and crafts we all settle in for the Beverly Hills Chihuahua . Maggie Hated that move and spent the whole time barking. Maggie settled down for Alisha's favorite of the double feature Beauty and the Beast. It was an enchanted night.

Harry left with a box full of gifts

At the Daniels Family Christmas party I acquired what has to be the best white elephant ever. The giant Pig head that will soon be out of my dinning room...