Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Olive: before and after

Before Olive came there were lots of things going on...
Baby Showers Bed rest and lots of bonding time with the puppies.
Then we brought our new bundle of joy home
Maggie's first meting and she goes right in for the lick

First dinning out, ironically this is the last place Justin and I ate out before the bed rest

Guard dogs on the watch
our special baby

Our special dogs

First Family photo

In less than 2 short weeks of life Olive has lived through her first 32 hr. power outage that sent us for her first outing and sleep over at Grandma Becks house last Sunday. Snowmagedden 2010, first dinning out experience, shopping at the Target, one broken furnace on the coldest day this year and a night of 5 wardrobe changes and a change of sheets. She has been a busy girl.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Olive

So I have intentionally gotten my self pregnant. I question how sane my decision was. I intentionally made my self sick to my stomach for the first 15 weeks, vomited at the sight of a strawberry or the scent of sugar, I've been swollen from head to toe. I cannot seem to function a day with grace or any sort of tact, the gas that flows from my body, almost non stop, makes that nearly impossible. I have now ran into a friends car, tripped while being introduced to the sames friends Father in Law, walked in on a stranger in the bathroom (while they were in their own home no less), left the refrigerator open all day several times, lost paper work at work and home, forgot to put memory cards back in cameras (repeatedly), forgot to add soap to the dishwasher just to name a few of the things I have never done before. I fell like a crazy person try to navigate a strange new universe with a tumor growing and now kicking in my stomach. I am told it will all be worth it. I must keep that thought with me or at least try to remember what the hell I was think about 30 seconds ago. What was I thinking??? yeah I want some ice cream............ yeah that is what I was thinking Ice cream sounds good... Then there was the bed Rest 5 weeks of no outside world except the numerous Doctor appointments and during the election season I didn't even get to see Justin for what seamed like days on end but trying to remember it will all be worth it.... to have the baby 3 weeks early in a sudden C section was a bit emotional but nothing prepared me for this... It is defiantly worth it.Olive Rose Daniels Nov. 14 11:34 AM 5lbs 11 Oz. 18 1/2" long and absolutely perfect in every way.

Baby Hitchcock
Eyes open and finally awake
Nun baby