Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time keeps flying by.

Spring is going by fast this year.  Olive started walking and its a constant marathon to keep up.  I should have been training all this time.  She is so creative,  her favorite toys right now are a small cooler she likes to lug around and put stuff in.  She loves to play with her clothes and try to put on as many and she can at one time.

 Valentines Day.  Our little sweetheart

 I love that the dogs are grossed out by this and they are closing their eyes...
 Bath time = Cool hair time
 Olive and Uncle Harry in St. George.  good times
 Olive loves her little kitchen.

Oatmeal + Olive Feeding her self = 2nd bath of the day

Ready for the Democratic Convention.  We did know how disappointing the outcome would be. 

 Cinco De Mustache 2012

Climb on Mommy

The many outfits of Olive Rose. 
Family togetherness
Olive at 18 months we can't believe she is 1 and 1/2 years old.

Summer Time 2011

Millcreek's largest slip and slide

ooohhh lala baby

The big sisters

Flag Day

Flag Day baby

Pride! love it

Pride watchin'