Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hello Spring?

Getting acquainted with the roads in North Carolina I found quite a challenge. After I dropped Brigham, Kellie and the baby at the airport I tried to drive straight home to get ready for a day of shopping and sight seeing. That would not be the be the case. I being over confident and greatly directionally challenged ended up in Raleigh, instead of Durham. Thank goodness Justin can direct me home from 900 miles away.

My Week in North Carolina was Fabulous.
I dined at the finest southern restaurants; The Cracker Barrel, The Waffle House and McDonald's. aka The Crapper Barrel, The Awful House and Crapdonalds. Abbie later commented that she though the food at the Waffle Houses was delicious, but they had a small problem with sanitation there.

Abbie, Grant & I decorated little foam Christmas Trees...
Then played Giant Baby and stomped through the forest to destroy the trees.

I was so happy to see little E-Clair's chubby cheeks.

I had such a good time it was really hard to leave. The fun with the Kids, the beautiful Spring like weather and back to the land of the frozen Midwest.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanksgiving in the West

We deiced since the Iowa Caucus is Jan. 3 this year we couldn't make it back to SLC for Xmas

so we made it for Thanksgiving. Just in time to catch the season of Mica to change.
Mica went form Punk to Prep to what the Hell

TJ at his usual spot in front of the computer. IM the World about his up coming takeover of the Universe
Ham with the Becky Daniels Family and a bunch of Turkeys
Soda experiments with the Scott Daniels Family

Turkey with the Jackson Family, Evil Turkey!

Beers with our friends, many beers.
A fun time was had by all.