Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The tragic death of my dear sweet friend has sent my sole to a place I have never been before. From total and utter shock, to the deepest sadness I have ever felt, to rage so strong I could have done unthinkable things, to sadness even more deep than before...
Kim is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Her friendship and kindness shaped my life. I am who I am because of my childhood friends.

Our friendship started early and continued all through the years, we were inseparable... then boys came and she met her Pat and true love was born. Jealous? I do admit, but soon I found my own distraction's.

Adult hood brought on even more distraction's but sooner or later we would find ourselves catching up like we never missed a beat. Sorrow and loss I will always feel, but the comfort of her friendship will get me through. Friendship is worth making time for.
Tami, Kim, Alisha & Bryon in my yard about age 4. (My how the pool seamed so huge to us)
I believe my 5th Birthday. top row ??? White, Aaron, mid. row Brandon, Kim, Alisha bottom row Tami, Jason & Pam (Tami looks the same its unbelievable, I wish I did look at that face so cute)
My 6th Birthday Tami, Alisha, Kim (One of my favorite photos)
Lagoon about age 8 Alisha & Kim (this was a grate day. (apparently it was cold sweater? and Hot tank top?)
The Cabin Big River age 12 Kim, Nina, Alisha, Bryon, Tami, Angie (this was a good weekend Labor day before I started Jr. High)
4th of July age 14 (me with my Chemo Curl and Kim with her Mullet)
Halloween 1995 at Gene & Rachelle's apartment. Justin, Alisha, Pat & Kim (I think Justinn's costume is mechanic Dave?)
2002 The last photo of the 4 us before Pam moved to Virgina. (Kim's pregnant with Terran)
Kim and Family on Big Rock at the Cabin 2007 (the year Pat light the slide on fire to get rid of the wasps so the kids could play)

I miss you Kim and will always love you.

One Crazy Summer

June came and went in quite a slow blur... We had Flag Day, Young Dems BBQ's, Pride Parade, and tears of the loss of my Dear Sweet Friend Kim...

My Brother Bryon, Mica's friend, Mica, Justin, TJ's friend, My Brother TJ & Sister in law Shazell
enjoying Flag day beers. Well just the adults.

Harry and the snow cones

Crazy Bounce House

Master Griller

Ahh and to end the night. My grown brothers wrestling!!! how proud I am!

*July* Pam came to town...yeah I haven't seen this girl and her family for almost 3 years! Oh how i miss her. As many of you know I grew up in West Jordan (back when West Jordan was an isolated small town) I made some very good friends when I was 2 yrs old and today we are still very good friends.Tami, Pam & me
Tami, Pam, Me, Esther & Bobbie
all of their kids putting on a circus. It was so much fun watching all the kids play together and hopefully make friendship that will last like ours. The Guys one big happy family whether they like it or not!
The whole family. well minus a few.

We celebrated, cried and told many stories of our Beautiful Kim