Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is the Joy of the Lord is your serength?

Okay to our two fans out in the inter webs, I guess threats work. Are you happy now???

This Christmas is the year of the Awesome or should i say "Awsome" Christmas gifts! The Joy of the Lord is your serength. I think this is good information I have been wondering what my serength is. Giant Pig Head. Do I need to comment? Max Hall Hates us all. for now......I guess this Christmas was a was a weird preview into the future. Justin's Brother got a Job at the BYU. So I guess some of the family is classing it up a bit. the rest of us will remains classless

Classless Christmas Party
Fun times with kids crafting and sleep overs. Cute Callie and Kitty

Callie, Alisha & Cassie Painting time

The newest game Hide,Seek & Photo! Once our face is photoed your out! Harry invented this game. and Terran Loved it!

Harry and his crafted loot from the night! ginger bread house,painted ornaments & rocks.

Christmas family photo

mini Justin, before the beard
Our back yard this Winter

Our back yard this Spring. It keeps snowing then gets warm then snows so its giving us time to work inside. aaa great I guess? that's sarcasm if you cant tell

We made a trip to the aquarium with Terran & Callie.
Walker's sweet 16. Can you believe Justin and I started Dating 2 weeks before he was born, now he is out on the roads! Watch out he has Daniels Genes.

For Walkers Birthday he requested a remake of a cake I made for his 6th Birthday. Godzilla!
Proud new Mommy and her furry babies! Maggie gets a sister. 2 year Old, Chug, Daisy we adopted from the Humane Society of Utah. Unfortunately she has a very sevier case of Kennel Cough and is really really sick. But improving every day. Maggie is still not sure what to think of her yet, but it is a good sign she doesn't hate her at least.

Kitchen gets some attention.

Microwave, cupboards handles its almost a completed kitchen. What will we do when we actually finish?

Two little chugs getting sung as a bug