Friday, August 14, 2009

the summer continues

so life goes on enjoying the patio Playing poker for Justin's BirthdaySwimming at the cabin. this year we got Maggie a life jacket. She feels the need to be by my side at all times even if I'm in the middle of a stream catching kids on inner tubes. The Fritz boys had a lot of fun camping and tubing
our annual cabin party was a success & we had a lot of fun drinking and hanging out with our friendsLots of tired dogsWe liberated a dishwasher and got the kitchen going again. The counter tops are in production we have the stain for the cupboards and have ordered new appliances. a kitchen is on its way. it's about time.Harry hits a big Jackpot and loves Peacewe embarked on a 2 week road trip to Chicago. we stooped by old Davenport to see our former stomping ground. Justin visiting his old office, which looks as though it hasn't been occupied since the Dodd campaignJustin's friend Matt came along for the guys to do Democrat business in Iowa. they over look the mighty mississip.we made it to chi town and of course saw the famous bean.Justin needed, I am mean needed a cheezeborger! he did a triple and a double. I am so proud?The Utah Young Dems that made the trek to Chicago for the Young Democrats of America Convention.A trip anywhere with Justin is not complete without baseball. White sox game with some YDU. My brother TJ, me & JustinFire works after the white sox game. The Shedd Aquarium. Justin terrified of snakes.Top of the Sears tower. NOT MY FAVORITE PLACETJ & Alisha at the measure of science and industry. this place was huge
we made some new friends

and got chased out of townand by Gods will Justin made it to heaven. Wrigley field!!! Wrigley is not your average mega field like today MLB's are. its all original from the wood score board to the seating for 50 thousand or so. the game went to 12 innings quite an exciting game.
with a slight detour to catch a Rockies games on the way home. nothing like a 600 mile detour to cap off almost 3000 miles of driving. but I'm not complaining... no I'm not, but there better be something in the future for me.

What a nice stadium that Coors field is. a complete blow out of a game but nice facility
Beautiful I-70 drive home. Colorado is a good looking place.
So home again, home again jiggity jog. to work on the kitchen and love our dog.