Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beck family photos

We spent a very hot afternoon in Murray park getting family photos with Justin's mom and the rest of the fam damniley.

To start the photographs I have to sit on a really really uncomfortable rock. You can tell that A) I'm on a really sharp rock and B) this is going to be a long day.

Justin you are in soooo much trouble....
Amy and her boys. Looking Sharp! (that ones for you Mom)

Brig and his family. no floating bay, no wheres waldo, just a normal happy family, who are these people?
Alisha on yet another uncomfortable rock and Justin in his new favorite pose the GQ lean.
The Fritz Boys. Jackson always willing to climb anything.

Walker was worried he was going to fall possibly in the pond and the photographer says oh let me take your picture and he stops the panic and smiles for the camera.

Long day? Yes. but worth it? hummmm? Yes!

the Oscar for best use of a parachute in a foreign film goes to

Our posts will be out of order starting with the present.
This summer has been jam packed and that is just the last week.
We had the Boss Daniels family vacation in Park City, Utah
The Alpine slide. Harry seams to love this more than anyone. Walker not so excited to carry the cart.
Swimming lots and lots of swimming. much to Justin's dismay i have posted a pic of him in a swim suite. see above he is in total dismay
each family was to host a craft, or activity for the weekend. The Fritz family (Justin's sister and her Boys) had make your own Yo Yo as well as beading jewelery. Boss Daniels family (Justin's Dad, Chrissy& Harry) Had build your own rocket (the launch was delayed due to wind) The Child less family (US) had a game of Crockett. Unknowing that when you had a large group of kids with mallets it would then turn into a blood sport so our activity was very short and painful.
we had a happy baby most of the weekend. Ms. E. Clair is now 1 yrs old
NOW to the Rocket launch night. we had the children pose for their annual flag day photo.
this was the best one this year, every child in their natural pose. Grant singing, Harry getting ready to moon the camera, Jackson trying to find something to climb, Abbie being horrified by all these stinky Boys, Keaton terrifying Abbie and Walker texting like a mad mad teen. Un seen is Sammy (no relation) holding up his beating stick ready to whack unsuspecting kids (you think by now they would expect it)

The Rocket Launch at Justin's old stomping ground Eisenhower Jr High. This was a huge success. Only one rocket didn't make a successful launch, Justin's. My launch on the other hand was fantastic. I receive the award best use of a parachute.

Beautiful launch (this must be mine)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why i am voting republican

It has been a long time coming but this ad made us see the light, and we are sure it will help you decide as well.

On a side note Maggie is happy that even if she is separate she will still be called equal.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have been warning you for years

OK so it has been a while since I posted on this blog, but this was to important to not let everyone in on.

Tomatoes are bad

In fact they are killing people and this is not even the first time.

Apparently this is from a public service announcement circa 1978

I do not want to rub it in but i was right and all of you were wrong.

Beware the Tomatoes!!!!

So since it has been so long since I have blogged there is a lot to catch up on. First off my New Year's resolution of taken a picture of myself everyday has failed ( although i did last a lot longer then my usual resolution of counting how many times i use the bathroom in a year ). So here is the last picture i took in the series a picture of me everyday in 2008.

Also I just got back from Nashville, Tn. I never got to see Music City in the daytime but here are some great pictures of the view from my hotel.
The Country Music Hall of Fame

The Gibson Tour Bus

We also walked in the pride parade with the Young Democrats of Utah.

Alisha and Maggie walking in the parade

So sorry that I have not kept up to date. I will try to blog on a more frequent basis