Sunday, August 24, 2008

Twin Falls?

On the way home from Seattle we made a pit stop in Twin falls Idaho to buy lottery tickets of course and see the sights.
Perrine Bridge over the Snake river. I found it especially pretty.
Snake River Valley
This bunch was also impressed

this guy is just happy we finally let him out of the car

I am only partially excited knowing we still have 6 or so more hours to go. Will we ever get home???

this Jesus look a like is thinking what can i jump this gorge with? is their a motorcycle near by?

Free Base Jumper. It was so awesome!
Hobo a sleep in the park? no that my brother Mica

After quick nap and talking Justin out of jumping the Snake River with the family car. the boys are ready to go.

Shoshone Falls

The actually Twin falls. but wait their is only on fall? whats that? they block off the other one to place a power plant. well certainly they will now change the name of their city to Uno Falls or something?

Justin in shock over the lack of actual Twin falls.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Hemp Fest

Me and my family (Justin, TJ, Mica, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma) drove to Seattle last week to visit with my Uncles and vacation.
As luck would have it the 2008 Seattle Hemp Fest was in that weekend.
Not that me or my Family are Pot Smokers, we are just freedom lovers, and who doesn't love a festival?

Mica, Mom, Jeff, TJ & Larry on the way to Hemp fest at the out door S.A.M. (Seattle art museum) Art? at the S.A.M. Its more like a sad reminder of road construction.
We made a trip out to the Seattle Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Everett Washington.
My Grandpa is a airplane fanatic. He has made and competed in model airplane contest all over the country. He loves things that fly. So we found a museum he had not been to yet. This is the place they restore old planes for the Boening museum of flight.
Justin learning how a propeller works.
Justin, TJ & Mica with the ET plane. they are ready to phone home.

Grandpa with his favorite plane. This plane is the first commercial air line. This is also the first plane my Grandpa modeled as a kid.
Justin with the Snoopy plane. Justin loves snoopy
Mica with the plane that looks the most like a something from Star Wars. Mica was very sad we were out of town during the release of the new Star Wars movie.
TJ with the wooden ____ , this is a glider

Me with a plane? It just looked nice I don't remember what it was

We also made a trip to Aquarium

TJ & Mica touching sea creatures.

Me and my favorite creature at the aquarium. (well a wood carving of one that is) the River otter. they are so cute and look like Maggie. We all missed Maggie. She spent the week with Amy and the Boys.

Mica taking a measurement of his quest to be the tallest man alive. He is getting there. Its good to have a goal Mica.

And TJ with his quest to be... well TJ

Justin with his quest to visit the Lenin statue in Fremont Seattle.
We also spent a day at Lake Washington Kayaking, swimming and relaxing.
Every minute we got watching the Olympics.
Justin got the ultimate Seattle souvenir an IPhone. TJ & Mica lightsaber fought all over Seattle. My mom spent the day at the Mall (probably her life long dream, our family seems to vacation to mall exclusively) My Grandma got to sit around and do nothing, her goal of the vacation. As always I can't wait to go back.

Cabin Weekend

This post is a bit late.
a. I came down with a very serious staph infection MRSA and have been very very sick. I'm fine now.
b. I went on vacation to Seattle with my family.

But 2 weeks ago Justin and I spent the weekend with the Fritz boys up at at the cabin.
Our Friends Amy C., Evan and William also came up for a night as well.

Alisha Maggie & Kona on the way up to Big Rock. The Fritz Boys could have gone up and down about 5 times in the time it took me to get up there, but i made it.
Jackson and Keaton waiting for slow Uncle Justin and Aunt Alisha. Although Kona was first she came back to round up the slow old people.
Ahh finally made it, now i will rest for about 1 hours before I attempt to make it back to the cabin.
Man it's so far away, I think I will just stay up here...
I made it down a little scraped from my gracefully hiking skills. but see it really far.
Jackson on the inter tube paddling no where. We spent almost all the days at the little river, we have a great little swimming hole that the boys and the dogs love. I especially love it, the grown ups can sit and watch from he shade.
William with the larges squirt gun I have ever seen. after the boys filled it up they couldn't hold it up it was so heavy. but they soon figured out a system.
system at use. poor Justin. I think he had it coming he had been squirting the kids all day.
Walker trekked to Big Rock 5 time in one day. He tells us he got really good cell service. He sent about 2000 text messages to his girlfriend every day. Teenagers!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

more summer

Other Summer photos that I have neglected to share. My Mother bought a new car this summer. A Prius, Justin is in love with this car and wants his own very very soon. We have been cruising all over the place in this thing. We took it up to Brighton ski resort to see how she handles. She handles great. She is named Oppie. View from Guardsman Pass (it was still closed in July)
Love Birds
Damn I take good Pictures (well when you take 500 in a day you tend to get a few good ones)
Damn I take good pictures of other things besides my self
Miss Maggie in Oppie on the drive. Hide Maggie no Dogs allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon
Still so much snow up their.
We have spent some good times with our Friends Joe & Janet this summer we have our Saturday Night Cribbage match at the Beans & Brews. Enjoyed some Indian Food (something the whole group can agree on) and watched the lovely garden grow and then grow out of control.

Lovely Roses in their yard

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie You always look sooooo adorable.

June in August?

Way back in June the Daniels family celebrated Flag Day. This year was no exception, it was the 9th anniversary of the big BBQ at the house of Harry. Everyones favorite Griller
Me and My Mama
Harry the dirty Dog
Brig and the Fizz
Ultimate snow cone holder
The Moon rising at the end of the night over the Bounce Castle of Chaos