Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spring time is Scream Time

A bit behind on the blogging and the cleaning and the yard working....

What can I say. She cries sometimes and sometimes I think it is cute and sad.
Cinco De Mustache was a success, as always.can you believe Joe was shut about again in the real men's category. this is quite a stash.and the Ellerbeck's clean house again this year. TJ with the big win and Mama Ellerbeck in the fake stash category.Sara and Pat looking like a cute little fam. with Miss O

Easter time is hard boiled egg time. yummPhoto shoot with Grandma Bunnies BunniesHappy KeasterThe Beck family photo shoot. It was forced by me but I'm glad we did it. New Bunny shoes for little Bunnyahh the brace. how we hate loved the the brace (it seamed to have worked yeah!)The uncle visit form Seattle with sweet Babaloo. How Babaloo watched over Baby Olive, it is so cuteLovely GirlsUte GirlFirst Trip to the Zoo and more to come...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

what else is there but BABY

Child labor? You bet ya. We start em' young at the Democrat Head Quarters

Olive loves game night

She seams to be getting a little tired of these weekly photo shoots. Well get use to them kid!

Happy Baby

Moody Hipster in her skinny leg jeans

we have never been afraid of lots of colorful patterns or a nap in this house

First trip to Murray park for all the little girls

The cutest outfit miss Olive has. I love it

Current favorite Toy. I think its a giant dice, just trying to start her young. I never played with dice as a kid and I think that's why I don't understand craps.

Food Glorious Food. Hot sausage and Mustard! Ok not really it is yam, and this baby loves her some yams

Even old red beard loves to feed her

Tall Uncle Mica either doing a work out or he just hates hippie babies in tie dye

so sweet when she is asleep, thumb sucking adorable! I do believe we don't do anything else but gaze at our beautiful baby. We have nothing to talk about or blog about but Olive. I can live with that. I hope you can too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

As cute as a punch in the face

3 months and 3 weeks into Ms. Olive's life and she has seen some things and watched as her cluless parents try to fake their way through it.
Mom's Birthday Roses. My 28th birthday. again...
First trip to the aquarium (although she slept through it)
Alisha & My Good friend CallieJustin and one of his best Buds Terran
Smiling and Dancing through out the day
The Cutes Sweetheart turns 3 months old on Valentines Day. We have been able to catch up on some sleep. Well some of us have!!!

Spending time at Dad's office. Future Politician? grumpy baby Olive hanging with the Amy's and taking her first punch to B.F.F. Dimitra

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Cute

Two month's old. Seams like only yesterday ORow joined our family and now she is Teething (a bit early but it is still happening) Olive got her shots this week, she is doing fine but I am traumatized. We both cried but we will get over it, until next time...
Christmas Dress
Santa Baby
Best Presents Ever
Maggie unwraps her own presentOh sweet Daisy
Grandma's Birthday and Olive in the hand made drees from Grandma
12th Night at Grandma Connie's. what a doll Ms. Olive is

Happy Flower Dress for Mama's Birthday

What you Lookin' at
This outfit was Olive's birthday gift to me for my birthday. How sweet she is.