Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

Break Out The Black Eye Liner Kids

As many of you know (all 3 of you who read this) I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CURE. I am mod or goth or what every you may call it theses days, deep down in my sole I have a black black heart. And you're never too old to go a Cure concert... If Robert Smith can go out on stage with out his walker I can certainly dust off my black crushed velvet corset and buff up my Doc's to go to the freak show.
I was so happy to see so many made up, yet familiar faces. We are all older and fatter but still manged to own mostly black clothes.
The concert did not disappoint the cure played for 3 hours with 3 encores. Playing most of my favorites. Brings me back to a simpler time when life sucked and disintegration was my only friend.
Justin the BEST BEST husband in the world was so nice not only to go but buy the tickets and smile the whole time. What a sweetie... but Justin what do you look like theses days? its been so long since we've seen pictures of you...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Teenage angst

Justin and I attend a Punk rock show last week. One of my Favorites NOFX and 3 weeks ago The Bouncing Soles Justin's favorite. This is our 2nd punk show in 1 month, this is a lot for us considering we are now "the weird old people" that used to creep us out at shows, but I have discovered that I am still filled with teenage angst. Maybe its because I live in my mothers basement again, or the fact that I think I'm among the weird old people, Or could it have been all the PBR I drank. Who knows but its was refreshing to fill so young.

Justin had been busy preparing for the Jefferson Jackson dinner and the Utah State Democratic Convention. Alisha has been suffering through my severe allergies I tend to have every spring. Maggie has been doing what she does best taking it easy.