Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Passy

Dear Pacifier,

Passy, nubbie, binkie or whatever you want to be called. oh how we love thee... I can't believe I was a parent who thought MY KID WON'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!! oh how wrong I was. You are a God send. We love you very much. I imagine my whole "parenting game plan" will change every day. We will be the parent's we swore we would never be, I can live with that especially if it means getting more sleep.

With love,
the newbies who know nothing

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 month down

I can't believe one month has past since Olive joined our family. Tired doesn't begin to explain it. there's anxiety, constipation, and sore nipples to start it off and that's just Justin's symptoms. Caring for this little stranger has been the toughest thing and the most rewarding thing ever.

Baby in a pile of candy chocolates, what a way to celebrate your one month birthday. I think I might do that for my B day next year.
Baby O hangin' out in her new doggie jams

how sweet and precious are those little hands...but someone needs a manicure
Festive decoration TAKE ONE...Justin's year to choose the Xmas decor, he went traditional with red and green and one of his favorites Penguins...but then we went shopping and found these really cute University of Utah decorations and had to redecorate.

We have been working hard on our yearly newsletter but I am afraid The O train may have sucked the snark out of us, so we will see if it becomes humorous enough to send out and if our fairy godmother delivers us 110 free stamps...