Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top 4

So we have been tagged. I assume that means make a top 4 list. I've never had to do a top 4 list being a huge John Cusack fan and loving the movie High Fidelity I have been partial to top 5 list.... another down fall is that Justin is not allowed to blog (due to his current job with the CIA, oops that was a secret) so I will fill out his list for him.

TOP 4 List



Stay at home Dog Mama

Waitress at Tios Fine Mexican Dining

those few months I was a full time college student

Volunteering for Pete Ashdown for Senate

( I don't seam to like jobs that pay, interesting)


Pete Ashdown for Senate

Chris Dodd For President

Brighton Ski Resort

U of U Hospital the good days



Beauty and the Beast Disney

Life is Beautiful

Father of the Bride

Knocked up

(all movies about good fathers, am I missing something in my life?)


Godfather part 2

Raising Arizona

Mall Rats

Joe Versus the Volcano

Place I Want to live

Alisha & Justin

San Francisco my Favorite City

The Metro Condo in Downtown SLC

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Copenhagen, Denmark

(please note NOT one of them are Iowa)

TV shows



The Office

30 minute meals with Rachael Ray

Six Feet Under

(all guilty pleasures)


Daily Show

The Office


Hannah Barbara laff-a-lympics

Favorite Foods


Pad Si ewe




(well Justin at least I picked on vegetable, you got nothing healthy)





Fruit Snacks



(nothing educational, google is only used for fun)


Places I would rather be


Beach in Mexico

The Cabin

New York City

Round Table Pizza

(no where I can afford, and round table pizza is out of business)


Wrigley Field

Glacier National Park

Somewhere cooler in temp.

Somewhere cooler in general

Favorite songs


Two Snowflakes - Into Another

Luckiest - Ben Folds

Opiate - Tool

To the sky - The Cure


You Ain't Going nowhere - Bob Dylan

The Pizza Song - The Bouncing Souls

Don't Stop Believin'- Journey

Not without a purpose - Street Dogs

HAHAHAHA! You are all tagged now this a blog chain letter. Thank my sister in law Kellie

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scrooge McDuck in



Finally we won the lottery. $4.00 wow! it's a dream come true. all the years of driving to Idaho to get lottery tickets and now finally, we live in a state that has the lottery and we hit it big. 4 big ones. and I do mean ones. singles. You know we have been playing since we got to town and finally a pay off. things are looking up. its not so bad in IOWA....

Friday, August 24, 2007


Our days of cardboard furniture are over. My Mother came to town and change our lives. with several trips to Target we now have a new hip pad. Now all I have to do is keep it clean... bummer
A trip with my Ma & Bros. to the Rock Island Arsenal in the middle of the Mississippi River we saw tanks, guns, cemeteries and a museum. Upon entering this active military base the guard at the gate gave us a pointer. Just stick to the Map! Just one pointer mind you and he didn't even provide the map. Thank goodness for the fine people at the Iowa welcome center for all the fine maps. AHHHH now if only some one could read a map....
Mica a Cannon and his Happy Gilmore complex.
Now this is interesting, this is the Confederate cemetery used for the the prisoner that died while being help prisoner in the Rock Island Prison Barracks during the Civil War. Please note the irony of the American flag flying over their graves.

North vs. South in a thrilling reenactment. TJ & Mica play their parts well... Bravo!

Rock Island the City in Illinois has a weird fascinating with the blues brothers ( I will try to figure that one out) see my brothers getting fresh. Here we are at the beautiful Mississippi River over look in Down town Davenport, just a block from Justin's office. We are keeping an eye on our bridges. Look at you Minnesota.

Friday, August 17, 2007

On the Road Again

My Week in SLC. I had a great time with your beautiful 90 degree weather and your low humidity level and of course your Ikea and Costco. Oh how I miss the costco...
The wonderful road trip with Me & Maggie, My Brothers TJ & Mica, my Mother Connie & Grandmother Carolyn. We enjoyed many laughs and I think a few tears, but we made it.
Maggie was a good dog on her first road trip lasting more than 2 hrs. she did seam a bit deranged by the end of day 2 But then agin, We all did. She has since snapped out of it and is adjusting nicely to Davenport and all it unique smells.

Mica and his new love Mt. Dew
I showed Mica the Fritz boys blog and Jackson is now his ideal. Unfortunately for mica he is 6' Tall so finding large drinks & foods will be difficult but as you can see it can be done.
I thought we would never make.

Interstate 80 and all its beauty...
Utah and the Beautiful Wasatch Front

Wyoming and its Wyomingness
Nebraska and its view right to Iowa

and finally Iowa, at least we have rivers.....and places to enjoy them.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Me Not Travel...

I live in Iowa now, Travel is all I've got people. North Carolina here we come!

We deiced to take the mother ship this time and by pass the whole airport disaster that is my life. The landing was a bit rough and instead of peanuts as the in flight snack we got children-like aliens. On earth we call them Harry & Grant. But other than that the flight was well worth it.

A few days in Durham, NC with the Brigham Daniels and Scott Daniels Family was an exciting time. I am now Barbie fulfilled for the next 2yrs and Justin has learned to appreciate the game "Ticket to Ride" All the rave we have heard about the "LocoPops" was true. We kept a good watch on the Duke Lacrosse Team as well. You never can be too careful.
Then we were off to the Outer banks of North Carolina and to view all its beauty (as seen below)
Ocracoke Island and the Ocracoke Light House

The Beautiful Beach Grass on Ocracoke

Cape Hatteras Light House on Hatteras Island


The most
Sea Creature Ever.....

Although their was no Kool Aid, We had a great time with just lounging on the beach Playing in the Sand and visiting Light houses.

Will we do it again???