Wednesday, July 18, 2007

beverly hillbillies

Will Alisha Ever Travel Again!!!

Surprise Alisha Came to Utah for a quick visit and to help out at the Utah State Democratic Convention. Justin was already scheduled to accompany Senator Dodd and his family on their Utah Visit. Justin is a Rock Star. He chauffeured the Dodd's all around and introduced them to the movie stars and swimming pools of Utah.

We had the great fortune to to find out about the West Valley Girls 30th Birthday Party of our old friends (and I do mean Old we are all in our 30dies now) It was so great to see everyone form the past and make new reconnection.

Fly Home....Much to my dismay my flight home that was scheduled to leave at 12:45 PM delayed and delayed and delayed... after 5 hours of delays, over booked flights and just dealing with Chicago O'Hare International. I made it to my final destination of Moline, Illinois. But only to find some of my Luggage had gone missing. After filing the claim I made my way to Justin who was curb side. Being the gentleman he is, he jumped out of the car for a kiss and to load what luggage that did survive the trek (what a sweetie he is).... but he must have hit the LOCK button instead of UNLOCK on his way out.... and their we were, car running and the doors all locked... I guess for safety.... the airport security officer tried his best to slim jim us out of this mess with no luck, but I guess he picked the good side of the law for a reason. So we waited for some time for AAA to show up and rescues us. I think the AAA guy may have a front business going to cover up his Grand Thief Auto Ring. Over and hour of waiting for a few minuets of his skills and we were out of their at about 2:45 AM. Will I ever travel again?

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Justin turned 31 on 7/ 7/ 7 and they had a Parade with a Giant Birthday Cake float just for him. Well not just for him but, we prefer to think of it as just for him. We celebrated all weekend with other "Staffers" and with new friends from the area. And now we must sleep it off...
I have now learned of a new class of people the lowest of the classes the "Staffers" the political lackeys, Inferior Humans, flying monkey types. Shunned by the all others.
These Staffers travel in groups waiting to pray on the the unsuspecting Caucus goers and any victim in their path.
Watch out for this bunch of STAFFERS
left to right Melanie, Amy J.R, Chris & Justin

We attend the first Davenport Swing baseball game of our Great Iowa Adventure. The Davenport Swing vs. Beloit Snappers. The Swing loose score 4 to 5 blah blah blah... this is Alisha Blog now. Beautiful stadium with beautiful Mississippi views

The 4th of July Celebrations continue all week with many Parades, BBQ and fireworks. A Parade is not the same with out the skilled toss of a Creamie. But now their is Giant Piggy Banks. The Sensible Priorities Campaign. This is fantastic to see

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Justin had a very exciting day. Hosting his first Senator Dodd event in Clinton, Iowa at The Corner Deli & Ice Cream Shoppe. By the way Ice Cream is a very big deal in these here parts. I'm told Le Mars, Iowa is the home of Blue Bunny Ice Cream and the larges consumer of Ice Cream per capital in the country. Take that Jello Eaters...

And then he was off to one of his life long dreams of Playing ball on the Filed of Dreams Field. Yep its a real place. And he got to do it with Senator Dodd on his team. Kings Nights 3 - Dodd Squad 0... Justin's a little bitter about the little league team whopping them, but I think the thrill of the game will be with him until the next time he speaks with Kurt Bestor. Another life long dream of Justin's that has come true this year.

Field of Dreams

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Family Guy-Kool-Aid Man

Our jaunt to the Mississippi River front. We stop at the local river front park to enjoy the river view. But the mosquito's the size of Pedro and temper like Pedro as well chased us away... But they don't call it the might mississip for nothing...

Justin so hard at work. His office is defiantly not the Pleasure Palace of the past. But the star status of Iowa is at the max. We expect to have almost every candidate for president pass through our town the week of July 4. Well not Cody Judy but one can hope.

I on the other hand got lucky
I found the soap opera network
and 90210 season one just stared. so I have a whole summer of excitement ahead of me...
Do you think Brenda and Dylan will last???
Like Whatever its been Real!