Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Day

Ok Facebook has really put a cramp in my Blogin' I have a few goals and I guess I could fit in more blog time. Not much has been least not much were willing to share.
a little yard work, a bit of Cinco De Moustaching, a lot Utah State democrats Conventioning, Memorial day work at the monument shop, one year Memorial for my friend Kim and a little planing for the future.


the Shazellerbeck's

My Bros and the sick staches

all ladies would fell the same way if that was trying to kiss them

Hain Bros and the inventive Stache

Best Kids Stache Harry
Jaiya Wins big (i am really gald the casino dosent pay out, we would be broke)

Maggie and Daisy really love each other. I still think maybe some times Maggie may want to lock Daisy outside so she can nap like she used to, but she still loves her.