Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Passy

Dear Pacifier,

Passy, nubbie, binkie or whatever you want to be called. oh how we love thee... I can't believe I was a parent who thought MY KID WON'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!! oh how wrong I was. You are a God send. We love you very much. I imagine my whole "parenting game plan" will change every day. We will be the parent's we swore we would never be, I can live with that especially if it means getting more sleep.

With love,
the newbies who know nothing

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 month down

I can't believe one month has past since Olive joined our family. Tired doesn't begin to explain it. there's anxiety, constipation, and sore nipples to start it off and that's just Justin's symptoms. Caring for this little stranger has been the toughest thing and the most rewarding thing ever.

Baby in a pile of candy chocolates, what a way to celebrate your one month birthday. I think I might do that for my B day next year.
Baby O hangin' out in her new doggie jams

how sweet and precious are those little hands...but someone needs a manicure
Festive decoration TAKE ONE...Justin's year to choose the Xmas decor, he went traditional with red and green and one of his favorites Penguins...but then we went shopping and found these really cute University of Utah decorations and had to redecorate.

We have been working hard on our yearly newsletter but I am afraid The O train may have sucked the snark out of us, so we will see if it becomes humorous enough to send out and if our fairy godmother delivers us 110 free stamps...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Olive: before and after

Before Olive came there were lots of things going on...
Baby Showers Bed rest and lots of bonding time with the puppies.
Then we brought our new bundle of joy home
Maggie's first meting and she goes right in for the lick

First dinning out, ironically this is the last place Justin and I ate out before the bed rest

Guard dogs on the watch
our special baby

Our special dogs

First Family photo

In less than 2 short weeks of life Olive has lived through her first 32 hr. power outage that sent us for her first outing and sleep over at Grandma Becks house last Sunday. Snowmagedden 2010, first dinning out experience, shopping at the Target, one broken furnace on the coldest day this year and a night of 5 wardrobe changes and a change of sheets. She has been a busy girl.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Olive

So I have intentionally gotten my self pregnant. I question how sane my decision was. I intentionally made my self sick to my stomach for the first 15 weeks, vomited at the sight of a strawberry or the scent of sugar, I've been swollen from head to toe. I cannot seem to function a day with grace or any sort of tact, the gas that flows from my body, almost non stop, makes that nearly impossible. I have now ran into a friends car, tripped while being introduced to the sames friends Father in Law, walked in on a stranger in the bathroom (while they were in their own home no less), left the refrigerator open all day several times, lost paper work at work and home, forgot to put memory cards back in cameras (repeatedly), forgot to add soap to the dishwasher just to name a few of the things I have never done before. I fell like a crazy person try to navigate a strange new universe with a tumor growing and now kicking in my stomach. I am told it will all be worth it. I must keep that thought with me or at least try to remember what the hell I was think about 30 seconds ago. What was I thinking??? yeah I want some ice cream............ yeah that is what I was thinking Ice cream sounds good... Then there was the bed Rest 5 weeks of no outside world except the numerous Doctor appointments and during the election season I didn't even get to see Justin for what seamed like days on end but trying to remember it will all be worth it.... to have the baby 3 weeks early in a sudden C section was a bit emotional but nothing prepared me for this... It is defiantly worth it.Olive Rose Daniels Nov. 14 11:34 AM 5lbs 11 Oz. 18 1/2" long and absolutely perfect in every way.

Baby Hitchcock
Eyes open and finally awake
Nun baby

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tonight we chip

The summer has been long and filled with weeds and many many lbs of wood chips...

The yard all started looking like this... weeds weeds weeds
and we chipped chipped chipped until it looked like this.

We decided the small tree must go. Thanks Brother Bryon for being a manly man with a chain saw

and luckily it went the right way into our yard and not the neighbors.

I thought it was a small job but the tree lay across our yard for 2 weeks before it became a manageable pile... or two
some of my brother's help more than others. Teenagers and the damn i phone, well anyone and the damn i phone...
Democrats Do it better
as Gazelles?

Stay tuned for the big reveal.....dudnt dunt dunnnn

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Day

Ok Facebook has really put a cramp in my Blogin' I have a few goals and I guess I could fit in more blog time. Not much has been least not much were willing to share.
a little yard work, a bit of Cinco De Moustaching, a lot Utah State democrats Conventioning, Memorial day work at the monument shop, one year Memorial for my friend Kim and a little planing for the future.


the Shazellerbeck's

My Bros and the sick staches

all ladies would fell the same way if that was trying to kiss them

Hain Bros and the inventive Stache

Best Kids Stache Harry
Jaiya Wins big (i am really gald the casino dosent pay out, we would be broke)

Maggie and Daisy really love each other. I still think maybe some times Maggie may want to lock Daisy outside so she can nap like she used to, but she still loves her.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is the Joy of the Lord is your serength?

Okay to our two fans out in the inter webs, I guess threats work. Are you happy now???

This Christmas is the year of the Awesome or should i say "Awsome" Christmas gifts! The Joy of the Lord is your serength. I think this is good information I have been wondering what my serength is. Giant Pig Head. Do I need to comment? Max Hall Hates us all. for now......I guess this Christmas was a was a weird preview into the future. Justin's Brother got a Job at the BYU. So I guess some of the family is classing it up a bit. the rest of us will remains classless

Classless Christmas Party
Fun times with kids crafting and sleep overs. Cute Callie and Kitty

Callie, Alisha & Cassie Painting time

The newest game Hide,Seek & Photo! Once our face is photoed your out! Harry invented this game. and Terran Loved it!

Harry and his crafted loot from the night! ginger bread house,painted ornaments & rocks.

Christmas family photo

mini Justin, before the beard
Our back yard this Winter

Our back yard this Spring. It keeps snowing then gets warm then snows so its giving us time to work inside. aaa great I guess? that's sarcasm if you cant tell

We made a trip to the aquarium with Terran & Callie.
Walker's sweet 16. Can you believe Justin and I started Dating 2 weeks before he was born, now he is out on the roads! Watch out he has Daniels Genes.

For Walkers Birthday he requested a remake of a cake I made for his 6th Birthday. Godzilla!
Proud new Mommy and her furry babies! Maggie gets a sister. 2 year Old, Chug, Daisy we adopted from the Humane Society of Utah. Unfortunately she has a very sevier case of Kennel Cough and is really really sick. But improving every day. Maggie is still not sure what to think of her yet, but it is a good sign she doesn't hate her at least.

Kitchen gets some attention.

Microwave, cupboards handles its almost a completed kitchen. What will we do when we actually finish?

Two little chugs getting sung as a bug