Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Falling 2009

Better late than never... this fall has been falling quickly, its time to document... tonight we blog!
Fritz's hit the jack pot!!
We work on the never ending kitchen.
New dishwasher, microwave & frig. ok ok the frig was a necessity the others were a splurge. An on sale splurge but still not necessary.
the counter tops were a necessity. a gorgeous, granite, gallant necessity
Maggie turns 4. I can't believe it my baby is growing old...Party to come at a later date. Yes I have birthday parties for my dog. She's not just any dog, she is the beloved, world travel and world famous Magster!
We hiked in the Unitas on a beautiful day to say fare well to beautiful Kim
peaceful Wall Lake. We will see you again
Fun drinking night out at the bar.
Tera in town, means we will see LaDawn (funny we see Tera more and she lives in Arizona and LaDawn lives in Centerville)
dinner at the pub for Tera's vist. Me, LaDawn, Joe, Janet, Tera, Alijia & Michelle
Bike ride on the Rail trail for Joe's birthday, 11 miles. Not bad for the first and last bike ride for me this year. Must go more next year, I always love it. Ella, Don & Jamie
Janet, Justin & Joe Happy Birthday Joe!
the whole bike riding gang. Justin, Alisha, Janet, Joe, Seth, Ella, Don, Jamie & Ashton
Utah stat fair. Alligator...yum!
One very expensive Najo taco
Justin with his soda to wash down many fried foods he ate that night. I can't believe what this boy can eat
My Mama took a trip of a life time to France and Italy. This is the Coliseum where Ceaser was stabbed. Ouch! that's got to hurt.
The brave Uncles that invited my Ma to Europe with them. Larry & Jeff
Mom at The Arc de Triumph in Paris
While the Mama's away we did extreme room make over for her. all new, fresh paint and cleaned carpets... We love the Mom.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 wardrobe changes and a broken toe later

Well so much has been happening with the yo news crew so we will work back words until were caught up

Amy C. Getting married so there is much to do...Like P A R T Y!!!!

Michelle and Amy C.
Scarlet and Daniel
a sea of pink and black balloons and many many many penis... ladies shake it shake shake it!!!
The cute stripper... ok he was a fake stripper but so cute. Amy forbid us to get a stripper so we had to freak her out and Lindsey came through with this cute sweet sole. did i mention he was cute.

Janet, Scarlet & horrified Amy

Mindi and Candace

Lindsey, penis skewer and Alisha

Amy T. working it

Scarlet and Janet bustn' a move

some dick and Amy C.

Michelle in Hot shoes
I baked a cake. of course a penis cake
The boys made it back form the bar after the party. they had a good time a little to good of a time. Cody's job was to hold this balloon. he failed.
responsible Joe led the drinkers back to the house
my special husband and his special friend Matt.
The day after was fun too. I awoke with a hangover, of course, and a broken toe with no memory of how it happened. Justin is still sleeping it off...
My sweet Brother TJ was on call to drive everyone safely home. Thanks TJ your the best!