Friday, June 22, 2007

Kool-Aid commercial

We stayed in Des Monies, Iowa for about a week while Jusitn went to "training" aka "get drunk and learn cheers" He's got spirit yes he does... Justin is soooooo lucky his boss is a championship wining cheerleader. Hooray! Finally a cheerleader will talk to him. Well, just to give him orders, but still.

After that we headed off to Davenport and found suitable lodging while we started our apartment search. There was a Tornado Warring so we settled in for the storm of our lives. Utahns you don't know weather.... this thing was amazing all though the Tornado touched down 50 miles away from us the storm that came with was amazing.

After a few days of searching we found our new residence and set up house. A few trips to the local Kmart and 3 hour drive to get to the closest Costco. See us in our new digs complete with cardboard furniture and folding camp chairs. Well at least we have state of the art entertainment unit. 93" screen. Well a projector TV and white sheet for a screen.

So I'm settled in to the be the domestic goddess I am. And Justin is happily working 9 hrs a day to stay the course, fight the fight and Win the race.

We literally got the call of assignment just miles away form the Iowa border. The Mission call he had been waiting for...... Davenport, Iowa for 8 Months.....Becoming a member of the Dodd Squad. All he needed now was a name tag and girl waiting back home..... Maggie. After the big Kool Aid extravaganza we need a rest. So we headed for another detour to Sioux City, Iowa where Mario was so gracious to put us up for a few nights. Sioux City is a nice town. It gave me hope for what to expect in Davenport for the Dodd adventure. But Sioux City What the Hell is that Smell???

return of the Kool-Aid Man

May 27, 2007 We packed up the Subaru and I mean packed up. The head rest keep everything in place and the roof rack we could barley close. Then we head off to Iowa, where in Iowa we didn't know. We just knew Justin got a Job with Chris Dodd for President and he need to be in Des Monies, Iowa June 1 for the big adventure.....
Passing through Nebraska we noticed a billboard promoting the Kool Aid Museum. with out blink and eye we turned to each other and yelled OH YEAH! we decide it was worth the detour and an early night to visiting the museum in the open hours. We got well rested for the moment we have been waiting for our whole lives, the trip to the Kool Aid Museum.
"Your friend is cool, No my friend is Kool Aid!"