Monday, September 24, 2007

Polteno Brothers live

I had the good fortune to get in touch with Robert while I'm in Seattle. He is attending school for art and production design. He lives with his Wife Violet and 2yr old Lylia in the Green Lake neighborhood near Seattle. He has a 6 yr son Matt that lives with his mother in Arizona. They spend as much time with him as they can.
Things are going well for the Polteno Family and they are quite happy. Robert would like to hear from old friends e-mail him at

And Surprise Curtis also lives in the Seattle area too. he is getting along going to school to get his Masters in Counseling and has a new girlfriend Jessica. A very cute couple they are.

Their younger brother Ian also lives in the Seattle area with his very pregnant girlfriend Lindsey. They are expecting a girl Stella in 3 weeks. (I forgot to make them pose for a pic. sorry)
It was so great to see them and catch up. I can't believe it had been like 8 yrs. I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tom Harkin Steak Fry 2007

While I'm lounging in Seattle, Justin is working his ass off for the Dodd Campaign
(although workin' and fun go hand in hand with Justin)
as you can see they are a serious bunch ready to go with their inflatable Billy Clubs.
Mario Yelling at Justin "Go Dodd Go"

The Sennsible priorities campaign has a sweet new ride. Out with 420 Billion $ Pig, in with the Short Bus

As you can see this knock off of Flag Day even brought in a few more than the Daniels' brings, just a few, at 12,ooo people in attendance. Something to aspire to I guess. this was also covered by C-Span. At flag day we are lucky to get Paul Rolley.
I was told that the Dodd people had more signs than anyone else, just no photographic evidence of it.
Ears of Experience; notice that Dodd didn't make the list because their isn't enough ears to cover his experience.
The candidates on the walk to the stage. (if you ask me Dodd and Obama look a little friendly almost holding hands)
Caucus for Change that is what its all about...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visitors in Seattle

Scott, Chrissy & Harry came for a visit and we had a great time.
We visited the Space Needle. On what appeared to be a nice blue sky day...
Alisha and Harry getting a good caffeinated start to the day (we are in Seattle, so do as locals)

But as you can see it was a bit foggy, but gave a unique view I had never had before.

Harry taking a look at the view

We did not visit the EMP but paused to take a photo, look at this cute kid.
Seattle Pig Art Project, Harry loved this one. Harry was in charge of counting Pig Art (I think we got up to 20 or so & Chrissy was in charge of counting Starbucks. I think Chrissy won)

The fountain at the Space Needle area. Harry deep in thought posing like the runway model he is.
Harry and Maggie just loving one another. Those dirty dogs!

Star Fish at the Aquarium
Harry got to touch the starfish and other see creatures. We also had the good fortune to get their just in time for the feeding of the Otters, Seals and the Octopus. That was way cool!
Scott Daniels Family Photo, on the way to the world famous Ye Old Curiosity ShopOne of my Favorite Seattle spots.
A day at the Lake Washington Kids Beach. I think Babaloo had the most fun.
But Harry did very well look at all that sand. Harry the Dirty dog lives on...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Making Friends

Karmel the Kat has been slow to warm up to Maggie, but finally they are in the same room together. But as you can see Karmel is keeping his eye on the little dog. and Maggie...Well Maggie is a bit on the scared side, trying to hide behind the pillows.
Maggie you Chicken!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hello NorthWest

Here we are (Maggie and Alisha) We made our long trek via air plane to Beautiful Seattle. Maggie was an angel on the plane and her bladder of steal lasted all 8 hrs of travel. Our layover in Minneapolis was only long enough to race to the next terminal and AVOID all the men's rooms and any Senator looking fellas in the place. At the end of the trek Maggie found her good friend Babaloo. Well I'm sure they will be good friends by the end of our stay.
Before Jeff leaves on his Africa Adventure we need to celebrate the Sophie's 11th Birthday. Sophie is my uncles God Daughter. So Sophie, her Mother Liz and their Dog Elvis came over for some cup cakes and presents. The cup cakes were acquired from Seattle's own
Cup Cake Royall.
Maggie stayed under the kitchen table all night terrified of little Elvis.

Who could be terrified of Little Elvis. Just look at him he is adorable.

Sweet Iowa Corn Da Da Da life has never been so good

Sweet Sweet Iowa Corn. What have we been missing all our corn loving lives? Iowa Corn.

Our week of fine dinning at home to spend quality time before I head out for my month long Seattle adventure.