Sunday, November 11, 2007

Taco Fiest Was a Success

Taco Fiest (Justin named it, he claims a clerical error but, I think he thought it just wasn't worthy of and actual Fiesta) We try to have Justin co workers over for dinner every so often (to ensure they eat more than Hot wings and Beer) and this week was Taco Bar. Justin looks so surprised to have dinner, this I find offensive because he has dinner waiting for him every night when he gets home form the Corn Fields. (Note from Justin: I was excited for tacos, not suprised at having dinner. Alisha always makes sure that I am well nurished. She is the very greatest.)
Some of the fellow Dodd Staffers and one Richardson Spy enjoying Tacos and Margaritas
This is Karen ,Maggie's #1 Fan. Her and Al bought Maggie's the very cool Iowa Hawkeyes Jersey. Maggie is #1
Al loving Maggie

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Maggie with a big smile days before her big dayMaggie posing for the traditional lets take a picture of you by the garbage can for your Birthday Maggie is sporting the very cute sweater Aunt Amy bought her
The terrible 2's are now at our door. Literally! Maggie is trained to ring a Doggie Door Bell when she needs to go outside, this is good, but she has now realized that by doing this we pay attention to her, so now she rings it when ever she fills neglected. This was cute at first, but now we are annoyed. Neglected is her word not mine. You people know how much attention we give her. This dog has more attention than some children. She is always the center of attention in any crowd. This dog is, dare I say, spoiled. Its a sickness really, she has a wardrobe that is comparable to any Diva and more toys than most kids. And yet she wants more. More Treats, More Lap Time, More Toys, More. More. More. And we always oblige, so today is no exception if anything she will get MORE! MORE! MORE!
Maggie requested to sleep in today and that she did. Justin and I were out of bed and on with our day at 9:30 and Maggie stayed behind until about 10:30 then off to the couch for another 2 hrs. Followed by a simple lunch of kibble and dog treats. Then off for hours of fetch or should I say keep away form Me. I did in fact get back at her by trying one of her new Birthday dog treats before she did. Peanut butter and Apple Snausages Yum-O!
For dinner she had requested Steak and Potatoes (she gets this sophisticated pallet from her father) Which she finished her portion and went on to clean our plates as well. She may be sick tomorrow, but she is happy today!
Justin helping her unwrap her new Platypus, ty BOW WOW Beanies (ty brand dog toys are the best, Maggie can usually un stuff most toys with in minuets of their arrival but the ty Co. got it right and she has had her pink puppy for about 2 months now)
Other than that this last week I was sick with a bad cold so not much has been happening around here that I am aware of. Justin continues to work hard and I continued to take my NyQuil and Benydral, so I didn't notice when Justin was here, let alone when he wasn't.