Thursday, January 31, 2008

a picture every day

Here is a picture of me every day of January.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No we DON'T Know what we are doing!

So we finally hit the road to SLC. Well eventually... We had yet another dead car battery (damn cold weather, it was -22 two weeks ago) and then about 40 miles out side of Davenport (so even further in the middle of nowhere) our roof rack broke and we had to ditch it and some of our stuff. So to recap our roof rack is 9 months old and this was its second trip. so be advised to avoid the Yakima Space cadet! How disappointing...

We are moving back to the land of Zion. For how long I do not know. We are Jobless, Homeless and enjoying this life of a gypsy. Our tentative plan is to move back to the "basement" of the Ellerbeck's and go from there. Justin is currently looking for a job anywhere in the US. We have not ruled out staying in Utah but mothers don't get too excited, Davenport Iowa didn't exactly fulfill my need for an out of Utah experience. And we can't go back, its so cold!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Viva Las at least in prison you get time in the yard

Our Second night in town we finally put the guitar hero down and headed out to the closest dive casino we could find "Dottie"
Justin, Kristina, Chris, Karen, Al, Emily and Russell

Our forth night in town I pried the guitar hero form their hands and we headed out to the Fremont experience. Melanie, Russell, Kristina, Matt, Emily, Anita
Justin and Alisha braving the cold for the whole "Fremont" experience

While the troops were hard at work I headed for the hills. Well the canyon surround by the hills. "Red Rock Canyon"
View of Las Vegas from the canyon

Beautiful red rock
Burnt Joshuah trees and impressive Mt.'s

Well all work and no play? a mock debate to test the lighting and sound. Work?
Russell aka. Tim Russert

some other people posing as Obama, Edwards & Williams and Emily aka. Hillary Clinton

Justin, Emily and Russell all made it to the stage. Decision 08 you decide?
I vote Justin!

The new office space at the Cashman Center. Justin with the Pic. of the day. In case you didn't hear Justin's New Years resolution was to take a a photo of him self every day, not the old stand by of counting the # of times he pees each year.

Justin and his new BFF Brian Williams for NBC news

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here we Go. We are off to Las Vegas. The Dodd "staffers" were offered jobs for a week working for the Nevada Democratic Party to work on their Caucuses. So we packed up Justin's car with Al, Karen, Russell and ourselves and drove to Council Bluffs, Iowa. We then Met up with Mario and Arianna. Then we handed off some of our luggage and Russell to make the ride a bit more comfortable (not that Russell made it uncomfortable but to give everyone a bit more space) A bit more space for sleeping.
Justin taking a snooz

Al and Karen cudding up for a long driving nap

Karen cuddled up with Al and Russell trying to stay comfortable.
We drove straight through to SLC. The ride was a long 20 hours but the weather was good... well until Evanston Wyoming then we drove the rest of the way at 35 mph in a terrible snow storm.
Mario leaving us in the dust every change he got. Yeah yeah yeah, you got a fast car... blah blah blah... I hope you enjoy your speeding tickets Piscitella!
Al enjoying the West and our Waggon style benches. But so sad he didn't bring his cowboy boots.

Karen, Al & Justin huddling to keep warm in cold Utah
Karen, Al and Alisha enjoying the warm warm warm St. George. Yeah!
Much to TJ's dismay we hijacked his Wii for a week of Guitar Hero Mania!

Time to PARTY

With the Caucus over its time to unwind and what better way to do that than to drive 3 hours to Des Monies "the big city" to drink at the bar with the rest of the Dodd "staffers" But first we must get the car to start. Our very nice republican neighbor offered to give my car a jump and he was so kind to hook up the cable and let the engine roar. although his did at first have the wires crossed but want to make it CLEAR that its not because he supports Bush. But I think it might be a bit of an indication of the kind of support the W has...
OOO hooo Region 6 Justin, Emily, Al and Karen some of Justin fellow co staffers

Karen and our "special Friend Jess (special because she works for Richardson)

Mario and Justin. Mario or you getting fresh with my husband?

Al looking a bit pissed I am taking yet another pic of him and Karen (they are just so cute)

Alisha and Justin Finlay getting to spend some time together. and love is still there

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Suck it Mike Gravel

Well its over. Dodd Finished 7th in the Iowa Caucuses. He even lost to uncommitted. But all in all it was a good experience, and i do not regret my time working for Senator Dodd. And on the bright side we get to leave Iowa soon. I find it quite amazing that anyone would want to live in this place the summers are way to hot and humid, and the winter is about the most miserable thing i have ever experienced. The autumn was quite nice i wish it had lasted longer than 2 and 1/2 hours.

Now that things are calming down a bit we will try to catch you all up on what we have been doing.

We decided to make a surprise visit to Utah for Christmas. We ended up spending a night in the Minesottta airport due to the weather. But it all worked out OK and we were very happy to be able to spend the holiday with our families.

We rang in the new years with out much of a bang. We were asleep by 11:30 and did not even wake up to see the new year begin.

Our anniversary was very nice, I had to work most of the day but i took off early enough for Alisha and I to go see a movie and get some dinner. Unfortunately there is not a lot of good places to eat in Davenport so we ended up at Chilli's.

Well that is a quick update and we will try to be better at posting on this thing.