Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brenda Brenda Brenda

Where to start... Its been almost a month and so much frivolous crap has happened.
House Hunting: 3 moths ago we really restarted our search for our own home. at that time we could barley afford a home with a roof. then things got better for us homes in our price range came with a roof just not stairs (even when their were more than 2 living levels of the home) but now we can have both a roof and stairs. the economy is looking bad for the rest of the country but our home search is looking up. some day we will be able to afford a home with walls and maybe floors...

YDU: Justin's work with the YDU (Young Democrats of Utah) is going quite well. For a while there, the only way to see him was to watch the news, but now that he had his IPhone you can just IM him.

Utah Politics: Things are heating up around here. Even Tres Hombres is in on the Action.

90210: Pretty much since Donna & David wed in 2000, I have been searching for my 90210 replacement. Their has been a void in my heart that Rori Gilmore, Peyton Sawyer, Carrie & Big, or Rachel & Ross just couldn't fill. They all have their own place in my heart, but will never fill the void. But now their is hope and it not just Obama in the air. Real hope is out their. I am just 3 episodes in but it's not that bad. Brenda looks like shes been smoking 2 packs a day since she left the show in 1994. Kelly hasn't changed a bit well except for the love child her and Dylan have together. I can't wait for the rest of the crew to make an appearance. Donna we know your better looking now.

Cabin Party: It was a small intimate gathering with crazy weather. We enjoyed the usual adult beverages and good times. Yes in deed good times
Maggie: Woof WOOOF woof

Tuesday, September 9, 2008