Thursday, December 4, 2008

yum Shrimp!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Blog we can believe in

Exciting Events for us this last month? Spent a quite weekend in St. George, Bathed the Dog, Thanksgiving with family, What am I missing? Oh yeah The Election!!! Something that has consumed our lives for the past 2 years... finally its over? Now what are we gong to do? To some election night was bitter sweet. Obama wins YEAH!, Dems in Utah Loose Boo...
and Prop. 8? WTF!!! Is is really appropriate to vote on someones civil liberties? NO!
For others the excitement was too much. Little Henry A. crashed before Obama gave his acceptances speech.
Lovely Ladies so Excited for the Change to come

The Always fun and exciting Jaiya, Nichole & Mica. Are they even old enough to vote?

Oh happy days! This is a Dance we can believe in!

For me and Justin this is how we remember the night. Cup in hand, everything a bit blurry but all smiles... I HOPE the next four years brings CHANGE we can all BELIEVE in.