Tuesday, February 7, 2012

catching up with depech mode

Catching up with the Daniels'... It's a hard business to keep up even for me.
Olive 10 months old October 2011
making wedding cake. I HATE fondant! Decide to go with blue butter cream, in order to deliver the cake and not my head on the platter. I HATE Fondant BTW. and wedding cakes! This adventure claimed the lives of not 1 but 2 mixers. after returning home with new mixer the batteries were very very low on the key pad entry to my home (we don't have a house key, that story is whole norther rant), and it took about 20 minutes to get in...(the batteries I had asked Justin to change several times that week!!!) then after a day of making chocolate decorations for the cake, that evening Justin trying to help... knocked them on the floor. ARE YOU SERIOUS! COULD THIS CAKE KILL ME ANYMORE?? I had to drink a bottle of wine, go to bed and start over again in the AM. 30lbs of fondant (I HATE fondant) with all of my helpers their to help mix in the color and roll out the fondant was ruined. it would not stop cracking. I did everything I could to get that Shit to work. after struggling ALL DAY I abandoned the fondant and made about 45 lbs of butter cream to move on to plan Q... 4 days of nonstop work on this estimated 100 lb wedding cake, it was finished and tucked safely away in the frig and freezer. Now to carry it and set it up and then watch my dear friend Catherine get married... Don't get me wrong Justin is a great help around the house and yard and he is the best Dad. but caking he is the worst! I made it! It didn't take as long to set us as I had anticipated... ahh I can breath again. It was a beautiful wedding. I did take off before it was cut, i couldn't take the pressure of thinking it might fall over at any minute!!!2 trips to Moab in October. beautiful weather and fun times.Olive sitting patiently in her baby cage
The Grandparents dressed up?? maybe not but it is Halloween
The angry bird family! the dogs were at home dressed as pigs!
Olive 11 months old. i cant believe how fast she is growing. what a doll. Maggie and daisy seeking refuge form the now crawling baby. she is always after them. poor dogs.
Olive and her stink eye... getting ready for Olive's first birthday!
Olive turns 1 years old. can you believe it?This cake turned out a little better visually. the cake not so much it was just for looks.
after a long day of partying this girl need to plug her ears and sleep it off.
Thanksgiving. Turkey, turkey, turkey. This year Olive is a bit bigger than the turkey
Christmas. what a fun day. not like last year when she slept all day. she dug into all the presents whether they were hers or not.
Olive this week. almost 15 months old. trying to put her sippy cup in her purse. if something is missing in the house...check Olives purse. she love to put stuff in it.

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