Sunday, May 31, 2009

The House has been warmed

Justin & I planed to have a house warming party with our friends many weeks ago and we decided to go through with the plans and do it. It worked out pretty good. I made some salsa and Justin BBQ & the beer is on ice, what else do we need? oh yeah friends
Michelle, Baby Ruby, mama Mindi, Nathan, Baby Z & mama Demi
Ella, Cassie and Maggie. Maggie had quite a party the girls kept her running all night whether she wanted to or not.
Nate & Scarlett
Justin, Jason & Steve (nice, real nice aren't you a new father?)
the young dems crew. Tim, Chris, Curtis & My Bro. TJ
Bianca, Matt, Breanne & Tim
Bro Bryon & Shazell
Don & Ashton
corrupting Minors with the slot machine. The little girls took turns torturing.. I mean playing with Maggie and playing the slots. The were incredibly lucky.

The past week has been very suckie for us but the BBQ was a nice distraction and so good to see our friends.

Late Post

We have been very busy with work (Memorial Day) was just around the corner but we still had some fun.

Sorry Amy C. Justin hits a bigger jackpot. He is very lucky when gambling (only at home with our own money, Never at the actual casino)
Harry's end of year class performance. We saw choir performance, songs played on bells, and a few plays.

Harry stared in his play "Birthday Mystery"

A nice, short and very cute production.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wow 60 years

better late than never. this happened on May 16....

Married 60 years most of them wonderful. My grandparents celebrate their Diamond anniversary.
We are a pretty good looking Family, we look a bit stuffy and not like ourselves...
sister in law Shazell, Brothers Bryon, Mica, TJ, Justin
my mom Connie, Grandfather Jay, Grandmother Carolyn and me
ahhh that's betterMica smiling? he must be on drugs. It was 80 degrees and he is waring a jacket and scarf. definitely drugs.
And the always smooth My little bro. Bryon

Hittin' the Jackpot

yes that is a slot machine in our living room. It actually goes in the basement next to the pool table but until we get a basement and pool table the living room will have to do. Jackson & Keaton spent the day at our house a few weeks ago and I taught them the thrill of the slots. I think I may have created a monster. The boys really love the slots. They love it so much they were willing to pull weeds for quarters to keep on playing.

Ms. Amy C. hit the biggest win so far. 300 credits... Oh yeah! double diamonds!!!

But wait what is the ring on your finger???
it is! it is... you are engaged... Congratulations to Amy & Evan. Now that's hittin' the Jackpot

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Orange ya glad I didn't say Texas

our last day in Houston we took the tour of the even weird side of HoustonThe Orange Show
This place is like Gilgal Gardens, carnival style
The Orange Show is not a show but a theater
This weirdo felt right at home
Brothers through and through. one taller, one hairier but very much the same
Art Car statue. We did miss the art car parade by a few hours but they were everywhere.
very cool to see a living room driving down the street
The beer can house. Justin was unfortunately inspired by this work of art, I guess if I get a garage that is made out of beer cans at least I will have a garage..
This also may be a fence Maggie can't break through.
I do believe I have seen refrigerators like this in my college days.
You should definitely watch the video so you have a better understanding of crazy artsy side of Houston. Who knew they had more than just cowboys and a few dumb ass presidents to be proud of

down town Houston is a skyline of beauty (if you can see through the humidity)

Much to my surprise I needed a jacket when I got back to the SLC. Yeah Utah!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Houston we have more photos

This is a flower
This is a flower on Humidity! Any questions?
Yes E. Claire is wearing a swimsuit and another pair of bottoms around her knees. She likes to layer and dress herself. It was her birthday, she can wear what she wants and she makes it work.
Here we have Ms. Fizz sporing the tub dress and swim top combo for the more modest swimmer.
and finally we have the tube dress, pared with the swim top and the over the skirt panties. All in this years hot summer colors. There isn't much this model can't strut proudly down the cat walk.Abbie enjoying the junk food and the lovely AC at the ball game
Here it comes, right at you...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lights, Camera, Houston?

Is it that hot? Am I imagining a giant metal armadillo? No, this is Houston.
Every where I turn their is something weird to gock at. Whether it's an armadillo or a 80' tall cement Beatles, Strange Gang signs or even stranger; a dog in Kellie's house!
At the University Of Houston (Brigham's work) the hand sign "The Cougar Paw" is not the gang sign I thought it was, but a lame excuse for the rule; if you can't fight em' laugh with them.

The Cougar Paw is a popular hand sign used by University of Houston students, faculty, alumni, and athletics fans to represent camaraderie and support. The Cougar Paw tradition was adopted through several athletics events between the University of Houston and The University of Texas. The first time UH played UT in football was in 1953, and since this was their first meeting, members of Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity in charge of taking care of Shasta I, the university's mascot, brought her to the game. During the trip, Shasta's front paw was caught in the cage door and one toe was cut off. At the game, members of the opposing team discovered what had happened and began taunting UH players by holding up their hands with the ring finger bent. UT went on to win this game 28–7, and UH students began using the sign as notice that they would remember the taunts. In 1968, at their second meeting, the Cougars, holding up the now-adopted symbol of UH pride, played UT to a 20–20 tie. UH did not play UT again until 1976, the first year UH was a member of the Southwest Conference. In front of a record crowd, UH defeated UT 30–0. This solidified the use of the Cougar Paw as a tradition.[50]

Rexie is the most mellow golden lab I have even seen. He is unbelievably sweet and I am still trying to thinking of ways to smuggle him into my suitcase.We went out to the ball game. Astros vs. Padres. Nice stadium and great fire works.

I can't remember the last time I spent the day at an elementary school, but I did today. We had lunch with the kids. The first day in Houston I asked Abbie & Grant to recommend one thing we should do. Grant suggested we check out the Panda Express and try the Orange Chicken. and Abbie wanted us to come to her school and have lunch with her. Our plan was to kill two birds with one stone but Grants lunch is at an Un-Godly hour and Panda was not open yet, so Subway had to do. Next time we will do Panda.
Grant & Justin at the Loud Lunch. I was there too plugging my ears...
Abbie & Alisha at the much quieter and civilized lunch hour (well until little Jimmy started to gross out all the girls by dunking all his food in milk and making a mess)

E. Clair's 2nd Birthday was an event to remember. Of all the toys and clothes the ball was the big hit.Look at the QT. If only she loved me from more than afar.
The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade put on their Fine Arts assembly today. Choir, Recorder, Percussion, Poetry, Dance, and African Drum's kept our attention for 1 1/2 hours the the other 1/2 hour is a blur to me now.

Abbie's Big stage debut in Beauty and the Beast. She made the most wonderful Belle.
My favorite scene "Be Our Guest"
The voice of an angle recorded by the steady hand of Me. I wish I would have had a drink or 2 with dinner so I could at least blame it on that.